Donating Artifacts to the Society

The Belmond Historical Society will accept artifacts that have a historical connection to Belmond and the surrounding area. A donation form will be filled out for all items and signed by the donor and a historical society member. It is understood that all items accepted by the Belmond Historical Society will become the property of the Belmond Historical Society. The item will be evaluated as to its importance to the historical society collection. Upon evaluation, the item(s) will either be put on permanent display or added to the temporary or special occasions display pieces. In the event an item(s) is found to be of little or no value to the Belmond Historical Society collection the society reserves the right to either donate to another group or dispose of the item(s).

The Belmond Historical Society does accept loaned items.  A “Deed of Loan” form must be completed and signed by the owner of the item and a representative of the Society.  A secondary contact must also be designated.