Education in Belmond

The articles listed below about the various early Belmond schools are compilations of material found in other historical articles previously written. Because the information from these previous articles varies from source to source in thoroughness and accuracy, I assembled all that could be found and verified in those articles and created this new history, hopefully making the record of our early schools clearer, more complete, accurate, and in one location.

The sources of previously published school information used in the following articles were:

  • The 1856-1956 Belmond Centennial booklet
  • The 1934 and 1935 Belmond High School Annuals containing school articles by Principal Hazel Thomas
  • The 1895 Holly Press Club Women’s Edition of the Iowa Valley Press publication
  • The Belmond, Iowa, Quasquicentennial book -1856-1981
  • The 2006 Belmond, Iowa, Sesquicentennial book
  • Various school articles found in the Belmond Herald from 1873-1915
  • Elizabeth Lieuwen Remembrances
  • The 75th Anniversary booklet of the Belmond-Klemme Middle School Building compiled by Louise Mock

Later histories of the schools, beginning with the 75th Anniversary booklet about the 1916-17 three story brick school (the Parker School) by Louise Mock, and the history of the later schools in the 2006 History of Belmond, written for the sesquicentennial were thoroughly researched and have not been recopied.

Mark Nelson and Linda Thompson of the Belmond Historical Society spent many hours scanning old issues of the Belmond Herald searching for articles about the early Belmond schools. The information in these articles was invaluable in piecing together the sketchy history of our first schools.

James Pals – January 2015