Belmond Community Schools Timeline

1855 – First school in Belmond taught in granary on the hill.

1856 – First school in south Belmond held in former log cabin on west side of Franklin Grove.

1857 – First school building built west of Iowa River on the hill.

1858 – Second school (brick) built on hill to replace first school.  Burned in 1863.

1863 – Frame building, largest in county, built on the hill. Used until Belmond Independent School district formed in 1878 and new school erected in 1879.

No date – Little red schoolhouse built near Belmond cemetery.  Later burned.

1865 – School built in south part of Franklin Grove.  Later moved to north side.  Called Murphy School.

No date – School built just north of Dave Kobes’ house (723 2nd Street NE) to replace little red schoolhouse.  Used as Belmond school until independent district formed.

1878 – Belmond Independent School District formed.

1879 – Belmond school board buys Block 7 Morse’s Addition for school purposes for $350.00.

1879 – Two story frame school built on site of the current Parker.  School in east Belmond also moved to site of new school.

1883 – Two story addition built on town school.  Bell purchased for  town school.135-s-school-built-1874-copy

1884 – Murphy School moved to north side of Franklin Grove.

1884 – First high school (3 grades) in Belmond and Wright County formed.  (Five students finished three years’ work in two).

1886 – First Belmond graduating class to graduate from first high school organized in Wright County.

1891 – Four year high school established.  No graduation in 1892.

1894 – Small frame school erected next to town school

1895 – 1896 Two story brick building built on Block 7 to replace two story frame building.124-s-1895-school-copy

1896 – New brick school dedicated on February 21, 1896.  Old frame schools sold.

1910 – Caps and gowns worn for first time at graduation ceremony.

1916-1917 This brick building torn down. Bell is on display at Belmond Historical Museum.

1916-1917 Three story brick building constructed on same school lot just east of old brick school.101-s-parker-copy

1917 – First class to graduate from three story brick building, the current Parker School.

1941 – New gym built and former basement gym remodeled into lunchroom with two new classrooms above.

1952 – Ramsay Elementary Building built.ramsey-school1952

1954 – Belmond consolidates with Goodell.

1956 – Bus barn and Industrial Arts/ Vocational Agriculture classroom built.

1960 – Construction begun on new high school, auditorium, and gymnasium.

1961 – Last class to graduate from old high school.

1961 – New high school occupied.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1962 – Belmond consolidates with Rowan.

1862 – Belmond Community School District established.

1977 – Link addition and wrestling facility build at high school.

1979 – New bus barn erected.

1994 – Belmond consolidates with Klemme.

2008 – Jacobson/Belmond Elementary School occupied.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA