Foss Photograph Collection Digitized

Upon retiring from The Belmond Independent, long-time Belmond resident Bob Foss took it upon himself to take boxes full of photographs that the newspaper had collected over the years and create what has come to be a favorite exhibit at the Belmond Museum.  The photographs were mounted in three 2 ft  by 1-1/2 ft volumes with over 800 pages of images and donated to the museum by the Foss family.

The Belmond Historical Society has recently contracted with a Lacrosse-based company to fully digitize all three volumes.  While the originals will remain on display for viewing, this initiative has made it possible for visitors to obtain copies of pictures that are of particular interest to them.








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Everyone is strongly encouraged to visit the Museum and appreciate the result of Bob’s hard work and also see if there is an image they would like take home.